A new challenge

First a follow-up on yesterday’s TV LED strips; here’s what it looks like a few hour later, around 22:30, while I was watching “24”. One of the few things left that make me sit down, watch and enjoy live TV.

LED strips in the evening

I know; I’m not much of a photographer, but I tried to make it look as best as I could. In real life it looks even better 🙂 OK, this one is finished; on to the next challenge!

Which means back to the motion sensor, the ELV PIR13 i bought recently.

Testing ELV PIR13

After i cleaned the desks, I connected a PIR13 to a JeeNode and uploaded a sketch i used for the Panasonic PIR before. No luck this time; nothing but garbage coming from the PIR.

A digitalRead() produced nothing useful and i didn’t understand why. I tried adding resistors between GND and the PIR output, but that wasn’t succesful either. But somehow i knew i was close…then I remembered reading about internal pullup concerning the PIR13 somewhere, so I added an additional digitalWrite() in the setup routine to enable them. Bingo, now i get the right results!

Now the digitalRead calls produce a ‘low’ when motion is detected and ‘high’ when not. That’s something I can work with. For now this ELV PIR13 will remain on my desk for a while untill I can find some time to solder a new JeeNode, buy some more XBee modules and enclosures, plugs and stuff, cause I’m running out of stock…

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