JeeNode+12V = Oops!!!

Last weekend i was working on one of those things where i started collecting components a long time ago but that still wasn’t finished. Time to finally use these 4 meters of LED strip!

Warm white LED strip

With this warm white LED strip i want to create my own lighting in the corner where our TV is mounted to the wall. The strips will be put on the back side of the TV, shining on the (white) wall. I’m not really into RGB strips; it’s nice to see (for a while), but it’s to colorful for my taste.

I’m going to use a JeeNode with 2 MOSFET plugs to control the 4 segments:

JeeNode and MOSFET plugs

All wirelessly controllable by the use of an XBee module of course; a new page on my Pronto TSU 9600 with a couple of sliders (like on the picture below) to control these 4 segments individually will do the rest:

Pronto sliders

But while i was trying to create some sort of experimental setup with 4 small pieces of LED strip on a piece of cardboard, something went  terribly wrong; somehow the wires of the 12V LED adapter made contact with something that couldn’t handle this amount of power: Poofff !! One voltage regulator blown to pieces. I don’t know how this could go wrong, cause I didn’t do this, it just happened!

VR fried

Well, this JeeNode doesn’t work anymore…

OK. Fortunately I had another unused JeeNode laying around so i could finish the test (it works brilliantly), but what to do with this JeeNode? Replace the VR (the only component with visual damage) or discard the whole JeeNode cause there will probably be more components that suffered from this? I don’t know; I’m the type of guy that didn’t even know what a pull-up resistor was a year ago, so I’ve got no clue 🙁

First I’ll finish this TV LED project and when I’m almost running out of JeeNodes in the future, I’ll give this damaged one a try…

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