Full speed ahead!

After a (much to short, as always) break it’s now time to pick up from where I paused a few weeks ago. Seen things during our holidays that really make you feel ‘small’, like the remains of volcanic eruptions or anything else created by nature, actually.



Did I miss my daily tinkering with JeeNodes, XBees and all other things i play with during my leisure time? Not really; it’s actually good to know this “addiction” is still curable, cause i had no withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, I never forgot to take my iPod Touch with me for the daily email check when we went to the restaurant for breakfast… hmm, well how about that one 🙂

But nothing is what it seems, cause after 2 days at home, I’m itchy to start all those new things I thought about while I was away. Too much!

Nothing is what it seems

And the list was already much too long before I left; OMG, where do I start??? Choices…

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