The 3rd suitcase

Yep, we’re leaving the country for a couple of weeks soon. Time to gather all the stuff i ‘need’ over there. Two suitcases are almost packed and we’re ready to go; now what’s in that 3rd suitcase we will have to carry with us?

Too heavy?

Cameras, MP3 players, a laptop, clock radio, iPod, portable HDD, card reader and all the things you need to keep those things operational for 2 weeks, like cables, adapters and battery chargers. And there are still some things missing from this picture, like 2 game consoles (and their adapters) for our kids, the adapter for my cell phone, a few computer magazines, a power distribution box (cause we’re always short on wall sockets)… yes, that will be enough to fill that 3rd suitcase, which we call the ‘gadget suitcase’. It’s getting heavier every year…

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