Motion Sensor v2

Here it is, Motion Sensor v2. Not much different from v1 really, the only thing that has changed is that the PIR output has moved to an interrupt pin. And the sketch looks somewhat different here and there. Later this week i’ll build my 2nd motion sensor and start using it right away; i’m very curious about the results! I’ll also change my 1st motion sensor that’s already in use, to an interrupt driven model. Don’t want to wait for what will happen with those batteries…

The JeeNode is completely powered down most of the time. It only gets woken up by the Watchdog timer every 8 seconds or when motion is detected. But even when motion is detected, it’s powered down most of the time, cause a ‘blip’ sent to my Domotica System every 4 seconds during continuous motion is more than enough.

When the motion interrupt is triggered, the ‘blip’ is sent to my system, followed by a power down for 4 seconds without interrupt trigger set. When those 4 seconds have passed (wake up is done by the watchdog timer) a power down is done with interrupt trigger and the whole loop starts all over again. Capice? It doesn’t get much easier than this 🙂

And of course there’s a heartbeat sent every 64 (8 times 8 ) seconds.

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