Adding Sense Control

While i was quite happy yesterday with the new way i’m going to handle things on the JeeNode regarding the motion sensor (PIR), i already knew i wasn’t finished yet; this was nice, but only a first step.

Cause what i had created was an IRQ being fired when the input becomes low. Well, the PIR output becomes high when there’s motion detected, so this is unusable, actually. For a brief moment i considered using a transistor as a NOT gate to invert the PIR output, but there had to be an easier way. Why would you only be able to activate an External Interrupt when a pin becomes low?? I read some topics on various forums, but those were very contradictory; some said i could, some said otherwise. OK, in that case, i’ll sort it out myself .. cause i really need interrupts based on a rise or a change!

Page 71 of the ATmega datasheet learned me that INT0 and INT1 indeed have Interrupt Sense Control and it’s only a matter of setting the right bits in the External Interrupt Control Register A, aka EICRA:

Bit 3 and 2 of EICRA

So it can be done, only thing is to figure out how…

The Arduino attachInterrupt() function has a 2nd parameter with which you can control what triggers an interrupt; the values are the constants LOW, CHANGE, RISING and FALLING (found in wiring.h). So why didn’t that nice Sleep library i found earlier have this feature? All i can do is call this function:

void SleepClass::powerDownAndWakeupExternalEvent(uint8_t interruptNumber)
 attachInterrupt(interruptNumber, SleepClass::external_event_handler, LOW);

OK; changing things in the library depending on the kind of Sense Control i need for a specific sensor type is not an option of course, so i added a 2nd parameter to that function:

void SleepClass::powerDownAnd...Event(uint8_t interruptNumber, int mode)
 attachInterrupt(interruptNumber, SleepClass::external_event_handler, mode);


That’s better; now i can choose whatever Sense Control I want; I’ve checked all of them right away:

Sleep.powerDownAndWakeupExternalEvent(0, RISING);

What a surprise, its working, all of them! RISING is just what i need right now for the PIR; CHANGE is what i would need for a door sensor.

Now i’m already modifying libraries and I can even understand what

EICRA = (EICRA & ~((1 << ISC00) | (1 << ISC01))) | (mode << ISC00);

does… i wonder where or when (if ever) this will end…

But I’m still not finished! Cause with all this powering down going on, it has become increasingly hard to keep a notion of time; millis() has become useless cause how can i determine the time that has passed since the last power down? On the other hand, do i really need to know that? Time will tell 🙂

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