New batteries !?!

Not long after i noticed the rapid supply voltage drop on my motion sensor, this sensor stopped working. July 23th at 02:02 AM to be precise, cause that’s when the last motion detection was sent and no more heartbeats were received anymore after that. That same day, in the evening, i replaced the batteries:

New batteries installed

A few things i noticed are:

  • The new batteries for the motion sensor start at 3188 mV, which is significantly lower than the voltage on the other sensors;
  • The motion sensor stopped working sooner than i expected based on earlier findings;
  • The sensor behaved like i wished it would, during the time the batteries couldn’t cope anymore (no MS13 nightmares);
  • Replacing the batteries was enough to get it all working again (Yeeha!).

In the meantime, the batteries on my Lux Sensor are still within the same 5 mV range since i started logging:

Constant Supply Voltage on XBR4 (Lux sensor)

So that sensor is still doing OK i guess šŸ™‚

This time the motion sensor got 3 brand new and fully charged batteries. We’ll see what will happen this time.

I think i’ll start reading some more about handling external interrupts on the ATMega328… just in case, maybe i will need it.

But first, lets see how these new batteries keep the sensor working and if I’m not satisfied with the results, i will start using the energy saving version of the PIR, or lower the clock the ATMega328 is running on, or increase the sleep period on the JeeNode, use more powerful batteries, optimize the sketch, or …

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