Lots to do

Parts and pieces

This is just a part of the collection of things that are waiting to be assembled. Due to the hot weather lately, i haven’t had that much opportunity to spend time on making new nodes or start new projects. So the desk next to me is becoming a real mess by the constant arrival of new parts and pieces that are needed for the things i want to do in the near future. In fact I’m waiting for lower temperatures…

4 JeeNodes, an enclosure for my ZigBee Coordinator and (to the left) a black enclosure for something new: controlling LED strips with a JeeNode (and more), inspired by some posts on Jean-Clause Wipplers weblog.  More on that somewhere in August; before that, i’ll finish some loose ends, like the ZigBee Coordinator that’s still here in the office, occupying space on my desk. This Coordinator will be moved to where all my other controllers are, i.e. to the meter cabinet. There i can combine all the separate power supplies used for each controller to a smaller number of more powerful ones, in order to reduce power usage (or power loss, to be precise). Maybe that will save me some power that was used by the air-conditioner in the last couple of weeks… 🙂

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