Arduino Workshop?

Lennart Herlaar and me are really hooked up to all this Arduino(-compatible) stuff; we both started somewhere in September 2009 with our first ‘trials’. My first experiment was with an Arduino Duemilanove and some LEDs; resulting in instant addiction! Once you discover what can be done with this platform and how you can use it, every day new ideas and interesting projects pass by. Exciting!

We decided to see if we could share our enthusiasm with a larger group of Domoticans; cause there are a lot of Domotica related things you can do with the Arduino platform. Normally Domotica related hardware is quite expensive and closed, in the sence that every manufacturer creates its own proprietary protocol and tries to keep it a secret as much as possible; even changing it for the sole purpose of making all knowledge gathered by reverse engineering useless(!). Interaction between products of different companies is still very hard (if at all) to find – and most Domoticans are forced to use commercial Home Automation software like Homeseer to tie it all together. However, without a Plugin available for that special type of hardware you’d like to use, you’re practically doomed…

So when we started thinking about organizing an Arduino workshop for the members of the Domoticaforum Europe, we knew right away that we couldn’t do that without also supplying a Homeseer Plugin with it; well at least create a framework that would enable the workshop attendees to connect their new Arduino-based hardware to the most used HA software here in the Netherlands.

And that’s exactly what’s going to happen; when we get enough response (a mimimum of 15) to our post on the Domotica forum and we decide to go ahead with organizing this workshop, we’ll also have to start thinking about how to create an easy to use, flexible, future proof Plugin that can interface with the Arduino platform and it’s compatibles like (my favorite) JeeNodes..

It will be fun! As always 🙂

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