XBee Configuration

I have the feeling i’m getting somewhere 🙂

I updated my ZigBee network webpage and added a configuration panel with which i can configure all the XBee radios in my WSN (well, it’s a WSAN actually).

XBee config

XBee config

Since my Home Automation system doesn’t have a GUI of itself and configuring XBee radios from a touchscreen without keyboard didn’t sound like a good idea either, i thought it would be best to create a web page for that. There’s still some work to be done in showing the XBee response on the page after the remote AT command has executed, but that’s a minor thing; “under water” i can see everything is working fine. With a click of the ‘Send’ button the values entered on the page are concatenated into a single string with a special delimiter and then sent off to my system using XMLRPC. The ZigBee API interface will then construct 1 or more ZigBee frames based on the values, send those frames to the targeted XBee radio(s) and wait for the responses to arrive. That’s it, basically.

Being able to do all this, is what makes me feel i’m getting somewhere; now that i’m able to monitor and configure my XBee radios in a convenient way, it’s time to really move on and start ‘mass production’ of all kinds of sensors and other stuff that are on my wish list.. starting with a bunch of motion detectors and a LED strip controller! After that, some room-oriented sensors (combining motion, temperature, light and perhaps humidity in one package) will be made. Can’t wait!

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2 Responses to XBee Configuration

  1. Great stuff – do you know if this utility could allow me to examine the mesh structure and signal path qualities in my Plugwise network ? I am not sure if the ZigBee implementation is standard in this resepect.

    I have a lot of devices now (30+) but occasional network issues , particularly at night when I assume some interference is being introduced… I wish to identify where my weakpoints are and supplement the routing paths with interim repeater nodes.

    A solid network analysis is essential to any good ZigBee domotica setup I feel so your project is great . I think some utility should be available from Plugwise (but it isn’t).

    • Hi Kevin,

      I don’t think so; otherwise i should have seen Plugwise Circles popping up in my own PAN, and they don’t 🙂
      From what i know Plugwise uses it’s own protocol over ZigBee and they create their own private network of only Circles and nothing else.
      Sorry i can’t help you!

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