ZigBee Network monitoring

With an increasing amount of XBee modules operational (6, at the time i write this)  and the nature of a ZigBee network, i felt the need to monitor some network related stuff; what’s going on in there?? Do my End Devices make use of a Router when i relocate them, further away from the Coordinator? What about signal strength? All those questions can be answered with the ZigBee Network monitor i created last weekend.

It’s totally integrated into my Domotica system of course, which takes care of 95% of all the work; what was left was parsing the Remote AT Command responses coming back from the XBees. For example, a response byte of 33 to the ‘DB’ command means that the RSSI of the last received packet is -51 dBm.  Task scheduler, database storage, events being triggered on value changes, it’s all available. Want to create a chart of RSSI values? Easy. Receive SMS alert when a XBee is ‘lost’? Consider it done. 🙂

I created a webpage that shows the current values for some XBee configuration values, produced by this ZigBee Network monitor. No more X-CTU for me (OK, not completely: uploading the right firmware and changing some initial settings will still be done from behind the PC…) But once the right PAN ID has been set and the XBee has joined, local configuration isn’t needed anymore. This makes life a lot easier!

X-CTU tool

X-CTU tool

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  1. Andi says:

    I never heard about zigbee network monitoring tool before. Are you the one who created this tool? This one is very interesting.

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