No more!

I wonder how Homeseer users deal with this..

Cause this is what you get when the batteries of a MS13 motion sensor are empty:

MS13 jamming

Yep.. last Saturday it happened again, around noon… one of my MS13 motion sensors had empty batteries, causing it to start sending rubbish all the time. Yes.. all the time! Side effect is that all other 433 MHz traffic is being jammed, causing a spike of more than 3600 unrecognized packets being received by my RFXCOM receivers. Fortunately i have 2 of those receivers, so not all data is lost. Otherwise my whole 433 MHz sensor network would have collapsed…

This time it was the motion sensor in the kitchen that had its batteries empty. Away with it! I removed the batteries and didn’t put new ones in. For me, the MS13 motion sensor is over and done with. No more!  This is the 3rd time in 2 years i had to go hunting for an MS13 that was jamming all other traffic. And of course, the faulty MS13 was the 3rd sensor of which i removed the batteries; so now i have to reprogram 2 of them again…Yuck!

I have better things to do… like finishing my own motion sensor, with heartbeat and no reprogramming needed when batteries are replaced… yeah!

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