Small sensor enclosures

Enclosures can be found in any size you can imagine; but the smaller they get, the less choice there is.

But i found this one:

Small enclosure compared to a MS-13 This reduces the visible size of a motion sensor with more than a half and there’s no more antenna, yippee !

I never liked those MS13 motion sensors because of their size, but they worked ok so i just had to live with them… until now! 🙂

I placed the new sensor on the door frame next to an existing MS13. What a difference! The enclosure only contains the sensor; all the rest (batteries, JeeNode and XBee module) are located elsewhere; nearby, but out of sight. A wire running from the sensor to the other hardware can be hidden very easily, so all that remains to be seen is this enclosure, measuring 44 x 30 x 15 mm…

Soldering a new JeeNode, connecting the battery holder and the XBee and putting it in an enclosure is all that’s left to do now; so more results can be expected later this week. Exciting!

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