RC revisited

Robbe Dusseldorf

Robbe Dusseldorf

Building RC boats and off road RC cars has always been one of those other (expensive) hobbies of mine. Expensive, especially when you’re still in your teens and your only income comes from a newspaper delivery job…

The last model i built was this Robbe Dusseldorf; i finished this one somewhere in the late 1990’s. After that, i did a few test runs with it but then it stopped. Somehow i’ve always been more of a builder than a user; once the building part is finished, i tend to lose interest and move on to the next object to build. The Dusseldorf was finished, and then came kids, domotica, lots of other things and before you know it, 10 years have past…

With our son reaching the age of 9 soon and given his interest in anything that looks ‘tech’, i thought it was a good idea for the next level: he already has 2 RC cars (and not those cheap things you buy in a toyshop, but the real deal!), but now it’s time to get serious 🙂

Graupner U-16

A few weeks ago i bought a Graupner mini Sub for his birthday to see how he feels about the ‘wet’ section of RC.. this idea stemmed from the fact that in the last couple of months, he’s increasingly asking whether he is allowed to sail with one of my RC boats soon… hmm, not yet, let’s first learn you the basics 🙂

To be able to use the 2 RC boats again that are still equipped with RC parts like receiver, servo’s and motors, i have started making an inventory of what needs to be fixed, ordered and/or replaced. For example i have a lot of lead acid batteries, that haven’t been charged in 10 years or so, so i guess i’ll have to buy replacements for those. A first inspection this evening also revealed some fishing wire that is used to move the water cannons, were broken. And i need to check all the electric wiring and see if the the extra functions still work like lowering the anchors, moving the water cannons, switching lights, radar, etc.

Internal inspection
Internal inspection

That will take a week or 2; by then my son will be practicing with his mini sub and when we’re both ready for it, it’s time for a ‘duet’ with 2 RC boats; the Robbe Dusseldorf sailed by captain Robert and the Robbe Schütze sailed by captain Remco 🙂

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