Testing PIR sensor

PIR sensor on my ASUS TOP

PIR sensor on my ASUS TOP

No, this is not some special add-on for my ASUS TOP.. it’s just a Duemilanove with a PIR sensor attached to it.

And the ASUS TOP, which is used as my Domotica GUI in the livingroom, is only used to provide power to the Duemilanove.

Somewhere in October 2009 i bought 2 PIR sensors, but after some brief testing these PIR sensors were stored in a drawer and nothing has been done with them since then. Since i intend to create my own motion sensor someday, i put one of these PIRs on a breadboard today, attached to an unused Arduino. Finally..

And of course, the most logical place to test this sensor and learn something about how it performs, is the livingroom. The office is to small to learn anything about how this sensor behaves with motion from different angles, distances and the output it provides. A breadboard with the Duemilanove , PIR sensor and LED, stuck to the ASUS TOP with tape, seemed like the best compromise for real life testing without making the livingroom look like it’s an extension of my hobby room. The other members of my family can live with this; in fact, my son is the most fanatic “tester” of all of us 🙂

From what i’ve seen so far, this sensor is sensitive enough to be used succesfully, although the digital output is not as stable as i expected. During continuous motion (as in my daughter dancing in front of the PIR for 2 minutes) i still saw the digital output dropping to 0 (meaning no motion) for a large number of short periods. Strange? Well, at least it’s not what i expected..

This means i’ll have to add some debounce logic into the code that handles this PIR to eliminate unwanted transmissions of  these “no motion” events; cause if i don’t, i’m pretty sure i can change batteries every couple of weeks when i create a battery powered sensor with it.

To be continued…

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