Floor heating vs energy saving

Once we had decided that there would be a new marble floor at ground level, it was immediately clear that a floor heating would also be needed because for most of us the main trigger for turning up the heat, is cold feet. But what effect would this floor heating have on energy consumption?

After the decision for the new floor had been made, everything went very quickly and I actually had little time to devote to the issue of energy consumption. I didn’t really like the prospect of having another power consuming pump in our house… but then there is always a good tip from Pieter 🙂

Pump consuming at least 44W...

Pump consuming at least 44W ?? 🙁

Normally, a floor heating comes with a standard pump, in this case from the Grundfos brand, including a pump switch. This pump switch switches off the pump at times when there is no need for it to run and thus saves energy.

Floor heating unit with standard pump

Floor heating unit with standard pump

However, nowadays there is an alternative, namely the Grundfos Alpha2. This is a pump which significantly reduces energy consumption. At least, that’s what is being advertised; time will tell how much of this is true… The extra cost for this pump of EUR 190 should be recouped within 2-3 years; for me a good reason to let the standard pump be replaced by this Alpha2.

Grundfos Alpha2 using 7W

Grundfos Alpha2 using 7W

The most exciting feature of this pump is called AUTOADAPT, which means the capacity (=used energy) is automatically adjusted to the demand. In the above picture you see my Alpha2 consuming 7W while the central heating is on.

This week i was finally allowed to turn on the floor heating (hey, we’re in the middle of May! I shouldn’t have to do this!) and saw this pump use 7-8W of energy, which is much less then a conventional pump would use. How this pump (which has to be  used without a pump switch btw) performs compared to the combination of a standard pump including pump switch? Time and a energy meter will tell!

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  1. edwin2008 says:

    Main disadvantage of a pump switch is that stopping circulation in the pipes can cause pipe blocking. In a period of time there always will occur some leftovers in the pipes so it’s essential to let the pump run every day for a period of time and never stop circulation for a longer period.

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