Wireless LED strip control

Well, this post could just as well be called Wireless Chromoflex controller, or Zigbee LED Strip controller, or … 🙂

What i’m actually trying to accomplish is placing 14 meters of LED strip, split into 5 separately controllable parts in my house, without the need of additional wiring (i hate that!).  Just plug it into the mains and start using it… that’s the goal.

Yesterday the last goods i was waiting for arrived, so tonight it was time to make some sort of ‘proof of concept’; would i be able to control a Chromoflex by using Zigbee as transport medium instead of wires? Of course! Why wouldn’t it? But it’s always nice to actually see it working with your own eyes; and tonight i did.

Wireless Chromoflex

Wireless Chromoflex

In terms of programming, enabling my Home Automation system to be able to control an interface like the Chromoflex by using Zigbee, needed some additional coding. Normally an interface is addressed directly over TCP/IP or RS232, but this time i could not transmit the Chromoflex packet directly; it had to be encapsulated in a Zigbee Transmit Request frame. A feature that will be very useful in the future i guess.

To be continued…

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