First DIY Zigbee sensor operational

On my desk i have a JeeNode, equipped with a Pressure sensor. This JeeNode is also controlling a XBee Series 2 module which is configured as Zigbee End Device. All this is battery powered. Calculations on power usage of the JeeNode+Sensor+XBee are good enough to expect an acceptible battery life. A Sparkfun XBee RS232 holds another XBee module, configured as Zigbee coordinator. This setup has been operating for more than a week now. It all looks stable enough to go ahead and connect the Zigbee network (ok, it’s only 2 nodes right now 🙂 ) to my Domotica system and  actually do something with it; something different from logging the incoming pressure data to a text file and reviewing this file periodically to see if everything is still up and running; so i added another (the 16th) interface to my Domotica system: Zigbee! 🙂

In fact all the hard work had already been done in an earlier stage where i created an API-mode interface for Zigbee; in essence, the only thing left to do was making this interface ‘talk’ to the rest of the Home Automation system, add some records in the database for this new sensor type and write a routine that would convert the incoming packets to the measured values of temperature and pressure.

Zigbee interface

Wow! It’s great to see my first Zigbee based sensor really working! The pressure data is being stored in the database, so in a few hours i can start creating an additional web page to show a pressure chart… and here it is!

BMP085 Pressure sensor data

BMP085 Pressure sensor data

Next on the list: finding a suitable, small housing, making a light sensor, a motion sensor, humidity sensor, … the list is to long! 🙂

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