Making a Wireless Pressure Sensor

I don’t own a weather station, nor do i intend to buy one, but i always did like the idea of having a pressure sensor. Now i have 🙂

This BMP085 based pressure sensor doesn’t only do pressure, but can also measure the temperature. Time to hook it up to a JeeNode!

Due to the fact that our plans for today had to be canceled by the bad weather, i had some extra time to test this Pressure Sensor. First i had to solder the 2nd JeeNode i bought last week, cause it was still unassembled in it’s plastic bag. Soldering a JeeNode is quite easy to do; it’s really hard to do something wrong… This time i left the RF12 radio off because i wanted to use one of my XBee modules to send the raw measured values. And i attached a battery holder, cause eventually this is my goal: a battery powered pressure sensor.

I installed the Ports library, uploaded the BMP085 demo sketch from the Ports Library examples  to the JeeNode and everything ran fine:

BMP 26265 39759 225 99390
BMP 26260 39755 225 99372
BMP 26267 39761 226 99400
BMP 26263 39756 225 99378
BMP 26265 39759 225 99390
BMP 26263 39758 225 99384
BMP 26261 39757 225 99378

Next step will be adding code for the XBee and sleeping. To bad, time’s up for now… hopefully, later this evening i have some time left to finish this sensor.

JeeNodev4 with BMP085 Sensor

JeeNodev4 with BMP085 Sensor

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