Major upgrade of Fritz!Box Plugin for Homeseer

This week i published a major Upgrade for the Fritz!Box Plugin for Homeseer.

As i mentioned before, there were still some interesting things that could be added to the Plug-in and i thought it was time to revive the Plugin by adding some functionality that was asked for, make it future proof by supporting the newer firmware versions. Some of the things that have been added in the last 2 weeks are:

– Retrieving the Phone Book from the Fritz!Box and using it for Caller ID(entification);

– Searching websites on the Internet for Caller ID;

– Supporting the challenge/response security mechanism built into new firmware;

– Switching the WLAN from Homeseer;

– some useful stuff for use in scripts;

– upgrade of configuration pages to ASP.NET.

You can read all about it in more detail on

This should do for some time; maybe some small additions or fixes, but that’s it for now; time to move on to development of another brand new and exciting Plugin! 🙂

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