Extra display option for Proliphix NT20e

One of the items shown on the LCD of the Proliphix NT20e IP thermostat is the Device name. First i had it set to the location of the thermostat, so there was “Livingroom” displayed. Not very usefull, i know where the thermostat is, since i only have one.  Next text i displayed was my last name… even less informative, i know who i am… OK, another item for my to-do list: can this line of text on the display be used for something really usefull?

Then Pieter Knuvers came with a very good idea; why not display the outside temperature and humidity here? Good idea! Tonight i had some time to have a look at it: 🙂

Outside temp on Proliphix LCD

Outside temp on Proliphix LCD

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  1. Matthew says:

    Ok, I’m curious. How’d you do it? Are you using a script to set the device name via the API’s set capability?

    • You guessed right 🙂 Not a script but from my (self made) Domotica system. The thermostat is being polled every minute and the ‘commonDevName’ object is used to change the Device Name to show the current outside temperature. As outside temperature sensor i use a Oregon Scientific sensor which is received by a RFXCOM receiver.

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