Proliphix NT20e Thermostat online

Today i created the beginning of a page that will show real-time information about the Proliphix thermostat i started using yesterday. Although not finished yet, it displays some status information and will be extended with several charts to see all you ever wanted to know. But for that, I’ll have to wait a while to have some data to work with. Click on the image to go to my website.

Website Thermostat page

Website Thermostat page

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5 Responses to Proliphix NT20e Thermostat online

  1. Alistair says:

    sorry if I missed it in the detail, but how much do these cost ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Alistair,
      When bought directly from Proliphix, the price for the NT20e is USD 299.
      That’s without remote sensors or the EPA-20 power adapter.


  2. DMR says:

    Do these thermostats still have problems with the continuous reset cycle?


    • admin says:

      Hi DMR,

      You mean like the thermostat resetting itself? No (and a bit Yes 🙂 ). The API documentation states the thermostat shouldn’t be polled to often; preferably not more than once a minute. So that’s exactly what I’m doing: I’ve created a queue in my software in which all reads and writes to the thermostat are kept. Once a minute this queue is being processed and sent to the thermostat. So if you obey the API docs, you’ll have no problem.

      However, i’ve noticed 2 resets when my Domotica system was polling the thermostat as described above and i was browsing through the web interface of the thermostat at the same time. That was probably to much to handle. I knew this could happen and it did… but now there’s no need anymore to use the web interface; i can read and write whatever i want from my Domotica system, which will take care of not stressing the thermostat to much.


  3. Dave says:

    Hi DMR,

    After reading your various web recomendations for these thermostats I have placed and order via the US. Is there any chance you would pass on any of your coding for the status and control of these units?

    Regards Dave

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