Proliphix NT20e in use

This morning, when i got out of bed, i knew i had a job to do: my Home Automation system was going to be extended with the Proliphix NT20e Thermostat.

All worked well last night with the thermostat on my desk in the office, so drilling a few holes and placing the NT20e in the living room wouldn’t take more then a couple of hours.

However, one little detail took me a couple of hours more then i expected.
This detail was the fact that a Remeha Calenta with an outside temperature sensor doesn’t react on on/off thermostats… it took me some time to figure this out

Once i found out what was going wrong, the NT20e was mounted very easily.

NT20 back plate mounted to the wall
Proliphix NT20 mounted to the wall

Next thing to do was creating a kind of ‘demonstration’ that it all worked. I chose the touchscreen in the living room to be the first GUI to get the new feature of changing the thermostat set point. The touchscreen is 30 cm away from the thermostat, but who cares 🙂

NT20 thermostat and ASUS TOP GUI

NT20e thermostat and ASUS TOP GUI

I created a screen with a “+” and “-” button like this:

Setting Thermostat set point in GUI

Setting Thermostat set point in GUI

When a button is pressed, the numeric value in the middle that represents the new desired thermostat setpoint, gets a different color:

Setting Thermostat set point in GUI

Setting Thermostat set point in GUI

When neither the “+” or “-” are pressed for a period of 3 seconds, the numeric value returns to its previous color and the current value is sent to my Domotica system, which takes care of posting the new value of the set-point to the thermostat.

Setting Thermostat set point in GUI

Setting Thermostat set point in GUI

My conclusion so far about this Proliphix thermostat: the greatest thermostat I’ve ever seen.

But this is not the end of the story, there’s still a lot to be done!

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2 Responses to Proliphix NT20e in use

  1. Jan Willem says:

    Ben je nu ook terug gegaan van modulerend naar een aan/uit regeling?

    • admin says:

      You’re right, with the Proliphix NT20e i went back to using an on/off thermostat where the thermostat i used before (Remeha Celcia 20) was a modulating type.
      However, what i noticed was that it can take quite some time with a modulating thermostat to really feel the temperature difference when you increase the set point by 0.5 or 1 degree.
      To long in my opinion; i did not like that, so going back to on/off thermostat is not bad in that perspective.

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