Remeha: "problem not important enough"

Today, after 5 weeks of waiting, i was called by a Remeha employee about my problems with the combination of Remeha equipment in my house: Remeha Calenta, Gateway and Celcia 20.

I told him the whole story from the beginning; the phone calls i made with Remeha in April this year to be sure that what i wanted would work, the problems i encountered, the emails to Remeha sales support about the problems, more phonecalls and not getting any answer from Remeha for more than 5 weeks now.

The bottom line is that Remeha is to busy with new developments to pay any attention to what problems i might be experiencing with this very rare combination of their hardware. Simply a matter of costs.  Investing time/money into this matter costs more then and the relevance of the problem is very low for Remeha.

So basically the answer i got today was: “we’re sorry”. Ok. Bad answer for me; i’m not happy with it. But in a way, i can understand it. But this was the first time i was talking to a Remeha person who had the guts to say it out loud… it hurt (a bit), but this is 10 times better than getting no answer at all. That’s really irritating and disrespectful; ever heard of after-sales? The Remeha employee apologized for that.

And before i metioned anything about it, I was told i could return the Gateway and defective Celcia without any problem and i would get my money back. Case closed… regarding doing it the Remeha-way i mean : I’m already one step further in accomplishing what i want another way…

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