Proliphix NT20e IP Thermostat

Yesterday i received a NT20e IP Thermostat made by Proliphix:

NT20e IP Thermostat and EPA-20 Power supply

As a logical followup on the Remeha Gateway disaster where in the end i was forced to disconnect the Gateway, my attention shifted towards using a thermostat to achieve my goal: being able to change the setpoint of the central heating from my Home Automation system. I’ve looked at several products, and in my opinion the Proliphix Uniphy Network Thermostats looked the best in terms of offered functionality, connectivity and professionalism. Pieter Knuvers from Bwired and i discussed this thermostat and Pieter was just as enthusiastic about this thermostat as i was. Pieter and i do a lot of things together; testing hardware is one of those things. Last Thursday a Proliphix NT20e and a POE Power injector arrived from the USA. Pieter received the same parts and we started testing.

– Compatible with fossil (oil, gas) as well as heat pump systems
– Support for Single stage heat and Airconditioning
– Wired TCP/IP communication
– Password protected, built-in Web Browser control interface (TMI)
– Email alerts
– Support for 2 additional external sensors
– 366 day programming
– 4 temperature periods per day
– 3 year scheduling
– Scheduling of vacation and other special days
– Energy Star compliant.

The first looks after the NT20e confirmed my expectations – the Proliphix Thermostat looks and feels very sound.

– It weighs more then the average thermostat i’ve ever held in my hands;
– The buttons on the front give a good, solid ‘click’;
– The LCD is backlit which makes it very good readable;
– The internals look solid and firm, good for years & years of operation.

One minor thing i think that could use some attention is the thickness; the dimensions of the NT20e are 14.2 x 9.5 x 4.3  cm.
This is quite thick, however you have to keep in mind that this thermostat has a lot to offer – more then the usual Dutch thermostat i know of, so that will probably cause the slightly higher volume.

This thermostat is the ultimate tool to achieve what i’ve wanted for years and years, even before i knew what Domotica meant: controlling the temperature setpoint without having to stand in front of the thermostat!

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