Homeseer Plugin for Alphatronics Visonic Receiver

As i mentioned in my previous post, i developed a Homeseer Plugin for the Alphatronics Wireless Interface. This is the second Plugin i have developed for Homeseer, so the time to get the Plugin working was shorter then the first time. I know a bit more about Homeseer, getting to know the methods to call, etc. etc. With this Plugin most of the time was spent on the configuration pages; this time i made ASP.NET (.aspx) pages instead of doing it the hard way, i.e. embedding them into the Plugin itself.

Here some screenshots of the plugin:

Alphatronics Ethernet Interface SettingsAlphatronics Serial Interface Settings

The Plugin supports Serial connection type as well as Ethernet. Reason for this is that i have to be able to support the Plugin, but i have my interface connected to Ethernet by means of a Serial device server, the Sollae EZL-400S. This device is located at my fuse cabinet, where a ACT TI213, PLCBUS PLC1141 and this interface are connected to it. I have 1 RS232 port available.. but not for long i think πŸ™‚

The screenshot below shows the sensor configuration page:

Visonic Sensor Configuration

Visonic Sensor Configuration

Depending on what the sensor is used for, you can change the text that will be shown on the HS Status page when a sensor is in Alert status or not:

Homeseer Status page

Homeseer Status page

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3 Responses to Homeseer Plugin for Alphatronics Visonic Receiver

  1. Wifi says:

    Looks nice. I’m thinking of getting an Alphatronics Visonic Receiver.
    I’ve e-mailed WW, but till now no reply. I guess that he’s on a holiday πŸ™

    • admin says:

      Hi Wifi,
      I know it’s hard to get in touch with WW these days, i have the same problem. πŸ™
      I’m sure you’ll get a response asap. For me personally this receiver is an addition to my RFXCOM receiver for Visonic. With both i have the best of 2 worlds: RFXCOM is receiving faster, the Alphatronics is better with keyfobs and gives me additional information about signal quality. Both are very valuable to me.

  2. H de Lange says:

    Is version the latest? I got this version from WW where I ordered the Alphatronics. Thanks for developing the plugin.
    Untill now I have not managed to see any sensor, probably because the serial to usb connector (Aten) is not the right choise for this application, or I have not configured it the right way. Think I will try with a serial cable.
    If there Β΄s a newer version of the plugin available, I would like to receive it.
    Thanks anyway.

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