Alphatronics Interface for Visonic sensors

Some time ago i received a new interface i had never heard of or had seen before, made by Alphatronics. It’s called a Wireless PC Interface and it can be used for receiving 868 MHz Visonic Powercode and CodeSecure transmissions. With this interface i can receive all my Visonic sensor i have, Keyfobs are received very good as well.

Here’s what the Interface looks like:

Some details:

Connection : RS-232, 9600,8,N,1.
Number of sensors supported : unlimited
Power supply : 12V DC
LED indicators : COM and Power

A very nice feature of this interface is that every received packet comes with information about the signal level, so you know exactly how good (or not) a specific sensor is being received. I’ve made some charts of these signal levels here. As you can see in the charts, some sensors are always received very good like the front door, others sometimes show strange ‘dips’.

Another very positive thing is that this interface receives Visonic keyfobs very well. From the day i started using this interface i have an event active that is triggered by the aux button on my Visonic keyfob that will open/close the garage door for me. It works perfectly.
I got the interface from Waakzaam Wonen (, so if you’re interested i would suggest to contact them for more information.
I’ve also developed a HS Plugin for this interface. Pieter Knuvers and i have been testing this plugin thoroughly and i’m planning to release the Plugin in the next few days. Hopefully this will result in valuable input for more functionality to be added to the plugin. If anyone is  interested just leave a comment.
Update 22-07-2009: Waakzaam Wonen has made the interface available in their webshop

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