Garden Automation

dsc_0218vgaAt the end of the summer of 2008 we changed a small part of our garden. Somehow the plants just didn’t want to grow in this part of our garden; only weeds flourished well. So we covered the place with root canvas and put a layer of small stones on top of it. In the middle we put a fountain-like thing with a pump that pumps water over the sphere. And we put 3 spots around it to illuminate it in the dark.
However autumn followed quickly, so i never got the chance to automate this. Today i did.
First job was to get electricity available. Although there was a power cable near, i had to replace the upper part of the cable to be able to split the cable in the junction box. And of course, I wanted to control the pump and the lights with  a couple of micro-modules.

In the left box on the photo there are a PLCBUS PLC 2267, a Xanura SAIX and the adapter for the halogen spots. Although the adapter should be suitable to be placed outside, i felt more comfortable with some extra protection against rain and other things that can trigger malfunction.
With the PLC2267 and Xanura SAIX i can control the halogen lights and the pump individually.

dsc_0243_1vgaAfter putting all things together, ready to seal the boxes that contain the hardware, i remembered i had to program both the PLC2267 and Xanura SAIX… what now ?
Well..i preconfigured both devices in my Home Automation System, went outside with my Asus R2H, sat down by the box with the modules inside, pushed the programming button and used my website to program the modules 🙂

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3 Responses to Garden Automation

  1. Peter Szczerba says:

    What are you using for you low voltage (24vac) lighting zone control

    • admin says:

      I don’t have low voltage lighting zone control… The adapter that is used to power the low voltage halogen lights is switched with a powerline module. This module is between the powerline and the adapter.

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