ASUS R2H as second Domotica GUI


This week the ASUS R2H arrived that i bought from a domoticaforum member.
I’m going to test the R2H and see if it’s suitable as a second GUI to my Home Automation System, next to the Asus TOP that is on the wall in the livingroom.

Maybe the Asus can be placed somewhere on the 2nd floor, or in the bedroom.
The Asus consumes 16W idle on AC Power and is quite audible, compared to the Asus TOP. You can clearly hear the fan blowing out hot air out of the upper heat vent. Time will tell if it’s to annoying. If so, i can always use the R2H as travelling companion on holidays.

I stripped the R2H from a lot of additional (memory consuming) software that’s installed out of the box to make it a bit more lean.
Next thing on my todo-list is develop a small application that should make the Asus R2H function as Domotica Interface.
Only a subset of the functionality that is available on the ASUS TOP will be added to the GUI, cause i don’t want to spend to much time on it; let’s first see if the ASUS R2H is suitable for the task and if so, i can extend the GUI with what i want.

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2 Responses to ASUS R2H as second Domotica GUI

  1. jurgen says:


    mooie site waar ik wat aan heb !!
    hoe heb je de asus top opgehangen ? tegen de muur

    m.v.g. Jurgen

    • Dank je Jurgen. De Asus TOP hangt aan de muur inderdaad: beugel aan de achterzijde gedemonteerd, 4 stootdopjes op de hoeken van de achterzijde, 2 x M3 draadeind, een paar gaten door de muur en klaar 🙂

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