Asus TOP as Home Automation Touch Screen

A couple of weeks ago i bought a Asus TOP. It is an Intel Atom N270 based PC with 15.6″touch screen, 1GB RAM, 160 GB hard drive, Wifi and Windows XP Home. I’m going to use it in the livingroom as primary interface to my home automation system. For that i’ve been developing a VB.NET application that interfaces with my Domotica software system. Last weekend i mounted the Asus TOP to the wall in the livingroom at a central place. I really love the Asus TOP, especially the big surface of the screen, the abscence of noise compared to a regular laptop and the speed with which it runs my Domotica GUI.


Besides stuff like switching lights, devices by means of either X-10, PLCBUS or Plugwise, i’ve also made pages that shows all the incoming and outgoing phonecalls, weather forecast and maps, temperature and humidity in various parts of the house, but also pages that give control over the radio (stations, volume etc) and TV by means of the IRTrans i have. And ofcourse there are pages that show information about the traffic on the dutch highways and railways, etc. etc.  Just all the information and control you need on a daily basis, shown on a ‘big screen’ in the livingroom. The Asus TOP definetely is one of the coolest additions to all Home Automation related hardware i’ve bought in the last 12 months.

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