Windows Mobile: merging Call information with Home

HTC Touch Diamond

HTC Touch Diamond

Since 1 week i have a new mobile phone, together with a subscription to Internet connectivity for a reasonable price. This opens new area’s to explore 🙂

First thing i did when i got my hands on my new phone, was installing a GPS tracking application called TrackMe. Nice, it works. But i don’t have local access to the GPS tracking data yet..  it’s being stored on a server somewhere else. So before i start using this, first thing to do is create some pages for my own web server and start collecting the data myself. After that i can start doing nice things with all this GPS data.

However, while surfing the net i also found tools that could do things like automatically block incoming calls and other things like that. After some more reading and scratching the surface of developing for Windows Mobile, i decided to try and create my own Windows Mobile App. Primary purpose will be forwarding all my incoming and outgoing mobile phonecalls to my website and merge this information with my Home Call log. That would be great…never loose a phonenumber again 🙂 But first i’ll have to finish some other project…

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