Home Automation data plotted on Google Maps

A few days ago Pieter from www.bwired.nl asked me if i could create a small XML file from within my Home Automation software and upload it to his website. Things like Outside Temperature, daily usage of Gas, Water and Power, accompanied with same user related information like Name, City, location, etc.  Pieter had been working on a new page for his website to display the uploaded data on Googlemaps.

That won’t be so hard 🙂 So i started programming late in the afternoon. Most of the time was spent on adding some functionality to the internal scheduler to be able to trigger execution of internal functions. After that was finished, the XML creation took less then an hour.

Sunday around midnight, it was time for the first upload… bingo!! First test, 100% ok. Two guys screaming “Yeeha !!!” in the middle of the night. 🙂

Check it out:

Device data plotted on Google Maps

Device data plotted on Google Maps

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