Fritz!Box Plugin for Homeseer progressing


Fritz!Box Plugin Devices in Homeseer

Work on the Fritz!Box Plugin for Homeseer is progressing. Currently it’s being tested while i’m working on the code to log all phone calls to an Access database.

The Plugin has been tested with the Fritz!Box FON WLAN 7170 and the 7270. Other models will be added to this list as more users will start using the Plugin.

This is what the Plugin Config page looks like:


Fritz!Box Plugin Configuration Page

The nicest feature (IMO) is that the information displayed in the Devicestring is user configurable.

That means that the user has control of what pieces of information (incoming or outgoing, phone numbers, call duration) are shown and their sequence.

I must say, after getting a bit familiar with Homeseer (i’ve never used it before, but had to install it to test my own plugin), i’m beginning to like writing Plugins for it 🙂 But using Homeseer as a regular user? No, not my cup of tea…

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3 Responses to Fritz!Box Plugin for Homeseer progressing

  1. Mark says:

    Hi – This looks interesting… What’s it all about?


    Mark Colegrove
    HomeSeer Technologies

    • admin says:

      Hi Mark,

      I’m developing a Plugin for the Fritz!Box FON, a DSL modem/WLAN/Voip/DECT. It’s quite easy to get information about phone calls out of the Fritz!Box into your own software, so a couple of months ago i did that for myself. A few weeks ago a Homeseer user i know well, asked me if i could develop a Plugin cause there wasn’t any yet.
      So i downloaded Homeseer, looked at the Plugin SDK and started programming. Current status is that it is being tested and i’m about to end adding features to the first release, which will probably be published somewhere next week. I have to finish the Plugin soon, cause i only have 10 days left of the trial period.
      If everything goes as planned, i’m also going to develop a second Plugin in the future. That will be a Plugin to control the central heating, meant for Homeseer users that have the same central heating system as i do.


  2. Enver says:

    And I’m the lucky person. (Chak)
    Since last week I’m testing the new plugin. The basic functions are already working fine.
    There is topic on the Dutch Domoticaforum (dutch)

    and Homeseer board

    Nice thing about FritzBox is it’s all in one device.
    ADSL Modem
    Answering Machine
    and more..