Homeseer Plugin for my Fritz!Box FON 7170

Since a few days i’m developing a Homeseer plugin for my Fritz!Box FON 7170.

Fritz!Box FON 7170

Fritz!Box FON 7170

Not for myself ofcourse (i’m not using Homeseer), but just to see if i could do a thing like that. And to help a Domotica buddy ofcourse 🙂

Not knowing anything about Homeseer, i managed to create a plugin that could serve as a trigger for Homeseer events. The plugin is going to be tested in the next couple of days. I hope everything will work out as expected and the plugin is stable enough to continue building on  a Homeseer plugin that could be usefull to all those who own both Homeseer and this Fritz.

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2 Responses to Homeseer Plugin for my Fritz!Box FON 7170

  1. Vittorio says:

    you are a star
    you write in a concise and fantastic way
    you are making me understanding a little of domotica, but
    if I want to start what are the first steps? which software you suggest to start with?
    and which devices? sockets?

    • admin says:

      Hi Vittorio,
      Thanks for your comment. Of course i could try answering all your questions here on my weblog, but i would advise you to visit The members on that forum can answer all your questions! Just register and post your questions, reply guaranteed!

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