Wish list for 2009

I’ve made a list of items that have top priority on my wish-list to make my Domotica system the way i want it:

ASUS EEE Touch PC, White

Additionally i’ll need the wall mount kit, cause this Touch PC will be located somewhere central in the livingroom, preferably hanging on the wall.
I’ll make software for this Touch PC so it can operate as a Touchscreen to interface with my HA Application, get content from the Internet, switch lights, etc.

IRTRans IR Transdmitter and Receiver

This superb IR Transmitter wil be used to control TV, Radio, DVD, Airco etc., all located in the livingroom. The IRTRans will be controlled from my HA application. I will probably need a a set of powerline Ethernet adapters to, cause the location for the IRTrans is hard to reach with UTP cable.

Plugwise Circles

If everything goes as i hope, more Plugwise Circles will be added, also expanding to the livingroom for controlling lights and devices on the 2nd floor.

Remeha Central Heating

Including a Remeha Gateway, to control the central heating from anywhere: with the Thermostat, website, iPod Touch and Pronto.

And of course a few sensors here, a module there, some more motion detectors, a few LED bulbs, etc.etc….

New dusk till dawn sensor

Recently i bought a new sensor to see if i can improve the way my outdoor lights are switched on when it gets dark.

Currently, this is done by calculating sunset and switching the lights on exactly at sunset.
I’m not very satisfied with that, cause sometimes this is to early and sometimes this is to late.
So i bought a KlikAanKlikUit ABST-604 sensor to see if this sensor can improve on this.

I’m going to watch the times at which this sensor thinks it’s dark enough to switch on the lights and if this looks better then the sunset-calculated switching, i’ll change the trigger for switching the outdoor lights on to this sensor.