Plugwise makes a big mistake…

Plugwise is secretly uploading your data! I found out because my firewall was logging unusual Internet activity coming from the PC on which i had installed the Plugwise Source.

From the day i installed the Source software, that PC periodically contacted an IP address belonging to Plugwise. For what? During software activition and such i can understand that, but still after 7 days that PC was contacting Time for some investigation.
So i installed Wireshark and let it collect all packets for some time. When i started analyzing those packets, i immediately saw what was happening. WTF is this?!?!? I still don’t get it, why do they do such a thing? do they think we’re stupid or what??? (and i still get angry, writing this)
I posted my findings to let other Plugwise users know what is happening so they could also take action and prevent usage data leaking out to Plugwise.

When a company has to choose between business profit and respecting customer privacy, what choice would be made?
Right, privacy loses. Again. I was very angry, when i found out that the Plugwise Source software periodically sends all the usage data it gathers, to a server.
Really ALL the information that is collected by the Source software is sent to Plugwise; from all my Circles, for every hour, including switching schedules, groups, rooms, what type of devices are connected to the Circles etc. etc. Everything! This is absolutely unbelievable. But it’s true.

Plugwise is a very good system, it works perfect from the day i installed it. And i would like to expand it with at least 10 extra Circles, but my privacy is violated in a way that’s unacceptable.

I had a phonecall with a Plugwise representative some time ago. He talked about ‘everything according to the law’, ‘your usage data is safe and protected’, ‘our business model’.
Right, there we have it. Business model. Conclusion: our usage data is worth enough money for Plugwise to act as disrespectful as they do. And according to law? Who says so? Who checked that? Maybe it’s a good idea to have some real good experts look into that…

Plugwise will have to change their product, so users can opt-out and usage data is protected without having to use your own firewall.

I decided to give Plugwise some time to publicly explain what the goal of collecting all this usage data is and how they will deal with the complaints. No real answer has been given yet. The story continues…

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  1. Chris says:

    Many thanks for this info. Whether its legal or not, a choice should certainly be given. I was seriously looking into there products, but they don’t have enough versatility as yet for monitoring larger electrical loads & ones that don’t use plugs. The product needs something like CT clamps to open up the possibility’s for contractors. So maybe i will be looking down another route.

    Thanks for the info.


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