Plugwise integrated!

As expected, the Plugwise goodies arrived last Wednesday, December 3rd 2008. 13 Circles in total and ofcourse a Plug and the Source software. I had already written some code, so after i installed the Source software and plugged in a few Circles, i could start testing the interface between the Source and my HA application. It all worked as i expected, cause after some last small code modifications the interface worked.

The Plugwise Source includes a small web server that can be used to get information out of the Plugwise system in XML format and you can use it to switch the Circles by calling HTML pages.

Power usage

This is how the XML looks like that contains power usage data:

<items type=”array”>
  <datetime>5-12-2008 20:15</datetime>

Well that can’t be hard to handle 🙂 As you can see, at the time this XML was retrieved from the Source web server, the Freezer was using 55,38 Watt, had a total usage of 0,198 kWh and the Circle was switched ‘on’. The same evening i could start collecting data on power consumption of 13 devices individually.

Switching the Circles

All there is to switching a Circle is calling a HTML page with some parameters, like this:

This would switch off the freezer. Not a very smart example (switching off a Freezer i mean), but it works very well, and the Circles are fast, very fast! They switch instantly, with no real noticable delay! Compared to X10/A10 this is huge improvement.
What can i say about reliability after using Plugwise for nearly a week now? It’s really very reliable; untill now, all the circles do exactly what they have to do, without any sign of erronious behaviour whatsoever.

And with the dissecting of the Plugwise protocol going on here, i’ll eventually lose the Source and its web server as intermediate to the Plug and interface with the Plug all by myself 🙂

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