Plugwise is coming

After hesitating for quite some time whether or not i should buy the Plugwise system, i finally decided to do so. And tomorrow the Plugwise order will be delivered 🙂

The Plugwise system is a good addition to my current power usage monitoring; currently i only have an overall picture, but no appliance-specific information about power consumption. The Plugwise system will give me just that…

The Plugwise system will enable you to monitor power usage of single appliances by the use of so-called ‘Circles’. The complete system is made up of 4 components:

The Circle – a plug that goes between the plug of an appliance and the power socket.

The Stick – a USB device which is plugged into a PC and communicates with the Circles wirelessly (ZigBee). The Stick can also send ommands to the Circles to turn appliances on or off.

The Circle+ – a Circle which coordinates the Circles in the network, but can also do the things a normal Circle can.

The Source – software
that is install on a PC to callect all power usage data, produce charts, log it to a database, make power schedules, etc.

Much more inforation about Plugwise can be found here

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