Visonic PowerMax+ and Home Automation

A few days ago i purchased a Visonic PowerMax+ security system and some accessories like a remote keypad, an additional sensor for the garage door and a XM10 interface.

Purchasing a security system seemed like a logical next step; after all; during the last 2-3 years i have regularly added new Visonic Sensors to my Domotica system. Outside doors, Windows are practically all monitored by Visonic sensors and i’ve also got Visonic motion sensors at the right places. I’m using a RFXCOM Visonic receiver to feed the information the Visonic sensors provide, into my Domotica system. This will stay that way, but having a Visonic PowerMax gives you some more opportunities. For example, now i can have the Visonic PowerMax ‘tell’ my Home Automation system when the PowerMax is entering armed state.

This could be used for several useful things, like switching off lights, TV, radio. Or lowering the setpoint of the central heating to 15-16 degrees. Or simulating the house being occupied by automatically switching on lights during the evenings.

Or what to think of automatically triggering the LoXX electronic door lock to lock the door for you…The same can be done when disarming the PowerMax; booting your PC since you probably want to check your email, turn on some lights in the livingroom when you’re coming home late, etc.

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  1. I thought you might be interested to hear about Visonic’s launch of the PowerMax Complete in the UK market. Please see the link for more information:

    Pls contact me if you have any questions….

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