Loxx electronic door lock

Last week i received an electronic lock: the LoXX. With the LoXX you’re able to make an electronic lock of every doorlock. Some features:

  • easy to install
  • battery operated, so no wires
  • opening and closing of the door by remote control (with encrypted code)
  • optional automatic night lock on closing of the door
  • lock can still be operated with traditional key
  • SKG certified
  • Domotica-interface is a work in progress.

First i wanted to install it on the front door, but the lack of enough remote controls (i would need 4 of them) made me decide to install the LoXX on the back door. I made some pictures before installing the LoXX. I’m very curious how it is to live with an electronic lock on the door and especially how the other family members will cope with it… 🙂

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