PLCBUS Signal and Noise level monitoring

Yesterday i had some extra time to work on my PLCBUS driver. Being able to monitor the ‘quality’ of my powerline seemed like a good idea, since PLC protocols always seem to suffer from noise produced by electrical devices like TV’s, computers, fluorescent lights etc. So it’s very handy to have a good insight in what is goig on on your powerline.

all PLCBUS modules can report Signal and Noise level, i decided to
implement querying the modules to report Signal and Noise level at a timed interval.

Here’s what it looks like on my web site:

I also made a Signal Level chart for a PLCBUS module that’s currently located in my office, for testing purposes.

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2 Responses to PLCBUS Signal and Noise level monitoring

  1. Bruno Domingues says:

    Robert, excellent post, I’m looking for doing the same. can you share what you used to collect these data?

    • A PLC1141 PLCBUS interface, the PLCBUS protocol documentation, some software and a SQL Server. You have to take care of obtaining 3 of them yourselves, but I can provide you some old Delphi code for the PLCBUS protocol that can do this (not without some modifications though!)

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