PLCBUS is Okay

While working on my PLCBUS driver a couple of days ago, i was again very pleased with how it all works.
Reliability is 100% till now. I’ve got 7 plugin modules working for a period of 3 months now and none of them has failed yet. And
it’s fast…getting back a ACK from the module itself in something like
500 ms is one of the main advantages of PLCBUS i would say.

Here’s a small snippet from my logs;the first number on every line is in milliseconds, so as you can see the time from the click of a button from within my HA application untill the ACK comes back from the module, takes only 516 ms:

39836468: ADH  : New Actordata ID=39836453, Address:D2C01 data:4F4646 (OFF)
39836468: DVC  : Device TPLC2027:D2C01 is handling the Actordata
39836468: PLCBS: Start sending Command:20230000, Retrycount=3
39836468: PLCBS: Start new PLC1141Command NetSend:0205D22023000003, Waiting for PLCBUS Response...
39836953: PLCBS: LANDataAv Start39836953: PLCBS: Rcvd:0206D2202300001C03
39836953: PLCBS: Address:D2C01
39836953: IDH  : New Interfacedata ID=39836953, Address:D2C01
39836953: PLCBS: LANDataAv End
39836953: DVC  : Device TPLC2027:D2C01:Source:TPLC1141CommandHandler, Data:=D2202300001C
39836968: DVC  : PinValue is:0
39836984: PLCBS: LANDataAv Start
39836984: PLCBS: Rcvd:0206D2202300002003
39836984: PLCBS: Address:D2C01
39836984: IDH  : New Interfacedata ID=39836984, Address:D2C01
39836984: PLCBS: LANDataAv End
39836984: DVC  : Device TPLC2027:D2C01:Source:TPLC1141CommandHandler, Data:=D22023000020
39836984: DVC  : PinValue is:0

The nice thing is that you can be sure that the actions that you wanted to take place, did take place. And that confirmation comes in half a second. I can live with that, for now 🙂

I hope i’ll have some spare time in the next few weeks to try out some more ‘exotic’ PLCBUS modules, like an IR transmitter, a filter, a transceiver and a signal/noise meter.

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