An anemometer and rain gauge for € 0,00 !

While going through the log file of packets that arrive on my RFXCOM receivers but that are not recognized as coming from one of my own devices, i discovered one of my neighbors must have bought some stuff from Oregon Scientific. It looked like i was receiving signals from a Oregon Scientific, namely a RGR918 (a rain gauge) and a WGR918 (an anemometer). Wow, this hasn’t happened before; this is the first time I’m receiving interesting packets from devices that are not mine…

The RGR918 transmits the current rain fall rate, total rain fall, and battery status. The accuracy is 1 mm. Transmission is done every minute IIRC.

The WGR918 sends out information about wind speed, average wind speed and the wind direction. And battery status ofcourse.

So all i had to do was add some lines of code to my HA application et voila, i had all the information mentioned above right where i wanted them; because of the ‘modular’ structure, it was very easy for me to start collecting and storing the data, produce charts of them, and so on. I can even watch the battery status of those 2 devices and warn my neighbour when the time has come to replace them 🙂

All i have to do for that is find out who that neighbor is … i haven’t found the location of the Oregon devices yet!

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