Suddenly it starts having BSOD's… (2)

Some moments ago i updated the NIC driver. Current driver version is, made for Vista, but i was able to install it on my Windows 2008 Server. At reboot Hyper-V service got stuck, it didn’t want to shutdown, so i had to push the reset-button. However, everything booted ok afterwards. At the same time i re-installed the 4GB RAM i recently removed. So now i’m back to 8GB, with a more recent driver. Now all i can do is wait to see if this driver-update has helped…

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  1. JoFreundo says:

    Hi Guy,

    i recently found your homepage. i had the same problem with HYPER-V. In my Case it wasn’t the RAM. You should try the Microsoft Debugging-Tools to debug your minidump. When reading a line linke:
    Probably caused by : vmswitch.sys ( vmswitch+567d )
    Your could be caused by your LAN-Card (Realtek RTL8168/8111 Family). In Google you would find it: vmswitch.sys

    My Solution: Buy another LAN-Card, because any other driver didn’t work with Server 2008 x64 and Hyperv.

    Have a nice day

    • admin says:

      Hi Johannes,

      In my case i managed to resolve the problem by installing the Vista driver for the NIC; i haven’t had any BSOD’s since then. However i must say i’m seeing a high CPU load when someone’s viewing my webcam; unusually high, near 40%. That’s something i still have to look into when i have some spare time.. 🙂


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