Delaying startup execution

I run my Domotica-VM on Windows 2003. I call it the Domotica-VM, but it does much more than that; SQL Server 2005 and IIS are also running in that same VM. I still had an issue to resolve there, which was adding a startup-delay to my Domotica application.
Whenever the VM booted, my Domotica app just started to fast, immediately trying to connect to the SQL Server, which was just to busy at that moment to accept connections, resulting in a messagebox saying it couldn’t find the SQL Server. So i had to build in some sort of delay for starting up my Domotica app. First let SQL Server go through it’s process of starting up, and then my Domotica application.
The standard Windows 2003 Task Scheduler doesn’t have a delay feature, so i searched for some handy little piece of software that could take care of automatically starting up my Domotica application with a delay of let’s say half a minute.

I found an appllication called Xecutor that could do just that. It’s small, and it removes itself from memory when it has completed its tasks; just what i needed. Very neat. I’ll send them a postcard 🙂

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