LEDBar accessible from Internet

A LEDbar is one of those gadgets that everyone should have. Connected to my HA system i can display anything i want on it; RSS feeds, traffic information, whatever i want. So i bought one, started programming and in a few hour it was operational. Just for fun i placed it on front of my webcam, and changed that page so you can enter a text, choose a color and speed, and display it on the LED-bar. Ain’t that funny?

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  1. Hi

    Great idea, how did you do this, like make and model of LEDBar, does this connect TCP/IP or RS232? What webcam are you using and how do you stream it to the web page?

    I really really like it!


    • Hi Andrew,

      You can get more info on the LEDBar here in this forum topic
      The first post has a link to hwere i bought it, as more forum members did 🙂
      The LEDBar comes with a RS232 connection but i used a RS232 to Ethernet server so i’m able to control it by TCP/IP.
      When you enter a text in the textbox, the text is sent to my Home Automation system with XMLRPC and my system takes care of the rest.
      The webcam is an Axis 206 IP Camera. The documentation that comes with this camera explains how you can make the cam accessible from a web page. Easy… you could do a “View Source” on my webcam page and see how it’s done. Basically it’s just a copy/paste … 🙂

  2. Hi Robert

    Thanks for your reply, what Ethernet server (RS232) are you using?

    I host my web site on a server not in my home it can it still easily be done?

    • I use several: Sollae EZL-200F Ethernet-RS232 converter, Sollae EZL-400S 4-port Ethernet-RS232 converter and Lava 2-port Ethernet-RS232 Device Servers.
      They are listed here, with a link to the manual.

  3. Hi Robert

    I have been looking at this again.

    If I don’t want to run a PC in my house and I host my web site on a remote web server away from the house, can this concept still be done.

    If so how? and what Ethernet to RS232 convertor would you recommend to plug into my router? Thanks

    • Hi Andrew,

      I think it can be done. You’ll have to use port forwarding on your internet router so that you’re able to access the cam from the Internet and to get the text you can enter on your web page, to the LED bar. If I were you i would start with creating a working setup at home, and if it’s all working, create it on your remote web server.
      As Ethernet to RS232 converter you can pick any of the models i mentioned earlier.

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