Ethernet-enabling my hardware

In order to be able to virtualize my 3 24/7 PCs to one single machine (by using Windows Server 2008 with the upcoming Hyper-V), i need to get some devices Ethernet-enabled, like my ACT TI213, the LED-bar, PTZ-control for my Sone EVI-D30 cameras, RFXCOM receivers and transmitters, etc. etc.
I ordered a Ethernet-RS232 converter earlier this week to connect RS232 devices to my LAN and ‘talk’ to these RS232 devices by using TCP. It’s very simple; you set the IP address and Port for the Ethernet side, Baudrate etc. for the Serial side, and off you go. Together with some POE (Power over Ethernet) plugs this will reduce the cabling in our house, cause Ethernet is always nearby..

LEDBar accessible from Internet

A LEDbar is one of those gadgets that everyone should have. Connected to my HA system i can display anything i want on it; RSS feeds, traffic information, whatever i want. So i bought one, started programming and in a few hour it was operational. Just for fun i placed it on front of my webcam, and changed that page so you can enter a text, choose a color and speed, and display it on the LED-bar. Ain’t that funny?